Finding Service Owner
Four Steps for finding your misplaced Service Owner

Has your IT organization defined services and named service owners? Have you identified the right person as the service owner? How do you know? Let’s start from the beginning What is a “service”? According to ITIL®, a service is “a

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The Importance of Good ITSM in the Digital Economy

The digital economy is upon us. Regardless of industry, businesses are experiencing the impact of the digital economy.  In the digital economy, the “store” is always open and customers expect that systems are “always on”.  Customers can (and

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Can IT lead SM?

In my blog article, “Is it time to drop the ‘IT’ from ‘ITSM’?”, I discussed the challenges of expanding IT Service Management concepts and principles to other service providers within an organization.   Personally, I think that extending ITSM

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Is it time to drop the ‘IT’ from “ITSM”?

The telephone rings at Fred's desk in the support center. Sue is calling to make a service request. After capturing the specifics of Sue’s request within the ticketing system, Fred ensures that she is authorized to make the request. Following the

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