Workshops for the Digital Age

Workshops for the Digital Age with Tedder Consulting are a great way to accelerate your organization  into the digital era.  Drive your organization forward by getting the right people together to demystify what is means to “be digital” by sharing experience, building agreement, driving shared  understanding, creating momentum, and producing results.

Here are workshops geared for the digital age that  we can offer your organization.

Introduction to VeriSM™

This two-hour workshop introduces the VeriSM model and discusses key concepts, including the Management Mesh, the VeriSM activities (Define, Produce, Provide, Respond), and the importance of governance and service management principles.

Defining your Digital Strategy

This two-day workshop establishes the “true north” for your digital initiatives.   This workshop helps you find clarity into what you need to do, but more importantly, why you need to do it.  The results of this workshop become the foundation for organizational and cultural change, process design and improvements, and the use of technology in support of business objectives.

Applying the VeriSM™ Management Mesh

The Management Mesh is one of the most innovative and exciting concepts introduced within VeriSM.  The Management Mesh provides a flexible way to combine an organization’s resources, environment, management practices, and emerging technologies to create products and services in the digital age.    Learn how to apply the Management Mesh within your organization so you can exploit the unique aspects of organization when delivering digital products and services.

Customer Journey Mapping

What is the customer experience while interacting with your company?  Do you know? Many leading authorities have identified the customer experience as a competitive  differentiator in the digital era.  In this 1-day workshop, you’ll identify and describe the key stages that your customer passes through during an interaction with your organization as well as identify improvements.  This workshop just might be “eye-opening”!

Establishing Digital Governance and Service Management Principles

Description coming soon!

Organizational Value Stream Mapping

The digital era means that the organization is the service provider. This means that all parts of the organization must seamlessly work together to provide real customer value.  Our organizational value stream mapping workshop helps you visualize how value flows through your organization, so you can identify and correct where there may be bottlenecks and missing handoffs and ensure smooth interactions with your customers in the digital age.

Ready to get started?  Contact Tedder Consulting to discuss how these workshops will help you prepare for a successful entry into the digital age!


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