Digital Age

““Digital” can and does mean different things to different organizations.  But many organizations have become distracted by the term “digital”. To those organizations, “digital” may mean just standing up a responsive website or rolling out a mobile app.  While doing those kinds of things does allow the organization to leverage technology, frankly, the technology part is the “easy part” of the digital equation.

Progressive organizations realize that “digital” means much more than that.  To those organizations, “digital” recognizes that the use of technology is critical to achieving business strategy.  But it’s business strategy that dictates the use of technology – not the other way around as many companies have tried.  Business strategy has to answer the who, what, why, and when regarding the use of technology…and then technology can provide the ‘how’ the customer experience is enhanced.

Is your business ready for the digital age?

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What does it mean to be “digital”? 

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VeriSM™ Training

Digital Enterprise Readiness Assessment – Get your digital journey off to the right start!  Tedder Consulting has partnered with the Institute for Digital Transformation to offer this comprehensive  digital readiness assessment of your organization. Unlike other assessments that focus on a specific aspect of the change, this assessment looks at digital transformation from a holistic, enterprise perspective.  Digital transformation is not about technology or methodology – it is about transforming how your business does business!


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  • Organizational Value Stream Mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Applying the VeriSM™ Management Mesh
  • Establishing Digital Governance and Service Management Principles