FAQs - ITIL4 and ITILv3

Many people have questions following the release of the latest version of ITIL – ITIL4.  This article will list answers to the most frequently asked questions and will be updated regularly – so check back often!  (DISCLAIMER – Some of the answers on this page represent my personal opinions and experiences. ) (Last updated February 20, 2019.)

Are my ITILv3 certifications no longer valid?  ITIL certifications do not expire and are valid for the lifetime of the certificate holder.

With the release of ITIL4, will ITILv3 classes still be offered?  Yes, all ITILv3 courses will continue to be offered until mid-2020.

Is there a new certification scheme with ITIL4?  Yes, there is a new certification scheme for ITIL4.   (By the way, Tedder Consulting is certified to deliver the new ITIL4 Foundation course!)

I just started working toward my ITILv3 Expert certification.  What should I do?  Don’t stop! Continue working toward earning the needed 17 credits toward ITILv3 Expert.  But – instead of taking the “Managing Across the Lifecycle” course and exam,  take the new (but yet to be released) ITIL4 course “Managing Professional Transition”  to earn that certification.

Will there be a “bridge” class between ITILv3 Foundation and ITIL4 Foundation? In the ITIL4 certification scheme, AXELOS has chosen not to offer a “bridge” course for ITILv3 Foundation certificate holders to earn the ITIL4 Foundation certificate.  However, Tedder Consulting is offering an one-day, non-certification “ITIL4 Differences” course which will help prepare students for the ITIL4 Foundation exam.

Will Tedder Consulting continue to offer the ITILv3 Foundation course?   Yes!  Contact Tedder Consulting for further details.

I’m just starting out on my ITSM journey, and I’d like to adopt practices described in ITIL.  Which way should I go – ITILv3 or ITIL4?   First of all, I do like what has been done in ITIL4, and I think it will go a long way toward advancing service management for many organizations.  Having said that, ITIL4 builds upon ITILv3 concepts, so you really can’t go “wrong” starting with either ITIL4 or ITILv3.  You’ll want to understand ITILv3 concepts as well as understand how ITIL4 leverages those concepts.  Keep in mind that at the time of this writing that none of the ITSM tool vendors (at least to my knowledge) have announced ITIL4 support – but I’m not seeing anything in ITIL4 that most ITSM tools in the marketplace could not support.

I’m new to service management , and I’m just starting formal ITIL training – what should I do?  Should I take ITIL4 Foundation? Candidly, I would recommend that you begin with ITILv3 Foundation, as ITIL4 Foundation builds upon (and in many ways, expects that students understand) ITILv3 concepts.    As we get further into 2019 and later volumes of ITIL4 are published, my position on this may change. But for now, I’d recommend ITILv3 Foundation, followed closely by our one-day, non-certification “ITIL4 Differences” course.  

What are the major differences between ITILv3 and ITIL4? In a nutshell, ITIL4 takes a  “systems thinking” approach to service management.  ITIL4 introduces some new concepts and constructs, such as the Service Value System (SVS), the Four Dimensions model, and the Guiding Principles (first introduced in 2016 with the ITIL Practitioner volume).  ITIL4 also provides advice for how other models, such as Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Organizational Change Management can be integrated in a service management implementation based on ITIL.   To learn more, check out our one-day, non-certification “ITIL4 Differences” course.  

Should I get ITIL4 training now?  If so, why? Getting ITIL4 training now may make sense for you if your company has made investments in ITIL adoption, but are being challenged to consider other methodologies, such as DevOps, Lean, Agile, and others.  ITIL4 introduces concepts that illustrate how ITIL and these other methodologies (and more) can work together to achieve the specific service management outcomes an organization wishes to achieve.

Have more questions?  Contact me and I’ll get an answer for you!

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