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You are faced with challenging tasks with tight deadlines.  You need to deliver solutions that are on-time and on-budget.  And not only must you meet the business needs of today, but deliver services and products that are adaptable and responsive to future needs.  You need processes that tear down internal barriers for getting things done and deliver real business value.  You don’t have time to navigate all of the hype.  But you do need expert advice and pragmatic approaches for getting things done.  You want someone who will roll up their sleeves and work with you, and enable you and your team to work smarter, innovate, and solve real business problems.  You want Tedder Consulting.

With Tedder Consulting, you’ll get that hands-on, pragmatic consultant that helps you develop and implement cost-effective, repeatable, and sustainable solutions.

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Thought Leadership

The Seven Silent Killers of the IT Organization

The Five Decisions your business makes every day about your IT Organization


Process Rescue Kit – Are your processes not working as well as you need?   This process rescue kit has several tools you can use to identify and implement improvements. Click here to download the kit.

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"Doug did an excellent job in delivering a customized ITSM Overview workshop to provide training for our highly technical teams who had varied levels of exposure to ITSM." - Derek B., organizer of multiple Tedder Consulting-provided ITSM workshops.