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Your team is more than an order taker.
It should be recognized as a valuable contributor to overall business growth. 

But only if you can get IT a seat at the strategy table.
It’s time to take IT from a support service to a valued partner.

Every day, executives and the C-suite make strategic decisions that depend on the use of IT.  Is your IT organization involved – or even invited – to those discussions?  Or is IT an afterthought? Now is the time for IT to get a seat at that table and be a part of those strategic discussions.

As an IT leader, you know you need to enable your team to contribute to the overall success of the organization. It is on your shoulders to communicate and demonstrate your team’s value, integrate IT into overall business objectives and manage your team efficiently and effectively. If you are unable to do so, you will continue to be relegated to being an order-taker and not as a strategic partner.

This is your opportunity to transform your IT department

As the integration of technology and business  has exploded over the last few years , companies have become more focused on faster growth, more agile solutions and more efficient processes.  This means that IT team must change the way they operate and evolve from an order taker to a partner.

An IT team that is valued as a strategic partner is able to:

  • Take a leadership role in overall business strategy and growth plans
  • Connect IT services to business objectives
  • Demonstrate real ROI from their projects, tools and efforts
  • Contribute to business growth
  • Be recognized as a reliable and integral part of the organization
The bottom line is:
The ability of IT organizations to describe what they do in terms of VALUE and OUTCOMES instead of TOOLS, PRODUCTS, and ACTIVITIES  will be the difference between being a “Strategic Partner” or an “Order Taker”.

When IT becomes a strategic partner, the organization becomes better equipped to create a seamless customer experience, achieve ROI from their IT investments, and improve customer satisfaction.  When IT becomes a strategic partner, the entire organization becomes more streamlined, more efficient, and more profitable.

Are you ready to up level your team and grab a seat the table for IT? Is your team ready to be that strategic partner?  What must your IT organization do so that your team will be a valued part of the organization, instead of the order taker?

Join Doug Tedder from Tedder Consulting in a unique two-day masterclass,

From Support Service to Valued Partner
March 23-24
8:00 am-4:00 pm
Fishers, IN

Save your spot for this masterclass now!

During this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to identify IT services.
  • Exactly how to define IT services.
  • How to describe services in terms of business value and outcomes.
  • How to describe the contributions of IT services to business value chains.
  • How to communicate the business value of your IT services.
  • How to identify opportunities for further leveraging IT services within the delivery of those business value chains. 

From Support Service to Valued Partner is unlike any other workshop or training! This small and intimate masterclass is designed to offer high level, individualized attention. During this tow-day class, each attendee will bring a specific service definition or challenge from their organization.  The class will work together to identify and apply the necessary steps to address each attendee’s unique situation. 

You will not find this high level of individual attention and support at any other masterclass!

Doug Tedder of Tedder Consulting will lead this interactive masterclass. Doug is a solutions-driven ITSM professional with over 25 years of experience. Doug helps IT organizations transform to enable business outcomes and has a proven record of success.

“Our business uses many ITIL concepts today.  Doug’s class helped provide context to our current practices and opened my eyes to opportunities to integrate more components of the ITIL framework within our business.”

Your Investment: $995/ student
This in-depth masterclass has limited spots to allow for personalized attention and focus on your unique business.
Space is limited so guarantee your spot now!

If you’ve been wanting to elevate your IT team to the next level, now is the time.

Register for this intimate two-day masterclass to learn pragmatic solutions that will change the way your business views your IT organization.

Discover the exact steps you can take to earn a seat at the table for IT.  By the end of these two days, you’ll  know how to:

  • Articulate the value IT provides to the organization
  • Identify and describe  your services in terms of value and outcomes
  • Understand the value chains within the business
  • Articulate how IT  supports and enables  those value chains

You will receive individualized attention on your organization’s needs and will walk away with the confidence and plan to begin transforming your IT department from “order taker” to strategic and valued partner.

 Space is limited so guarantee your spot now!

“Doug made sure that we weren’t just listening to ‘boring’ lectures as the material was quite substantial. The experience was truly excellent where we learned and was engaged in some meaningful discussion.”

Stop being an order taker and transform your IT department this year.

Register for the From Support Service to Valued Partner Masterclass today!

To register, click here and enter “Masterclass” in the registration notes.


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