Doug Tedder earns VeriSM™ Foundation certification

January 22, 2018 : Doug Tedder, Principal Consultant of Tedder Consulting LLC, has earned the VeriSM™ Foundation certification.

VeriSM is a Service Management approach from the organizational level, looking at the end-to-end view  rather than focusing on a single department. VeriSM shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers.  VeriSM allows for a tailored approach, depending on the type of business, the size of an organization, business priorities, organizational culture, and the nature of the product or service delivered by an organization.

Developed by the International Foundation for Digital Competencies, VeriSM was launched in late 2017.  Doug Tedder is also a contributing author to VeriSM.


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