Doug Tedder joins eConsultant® team from Scopism

May 1, 2018:  Doug Tedder, Principal Consultant of Tedder Consulting LLC, announced that he has joined the eConsultant® team from Scopism.

The eConsultancy service from Scopism provides an easy-to-use approach for accessing and utilizing expert consultants, in areas ranging from service management, organizational change, Lean, DevOps, and more.  The service provides a registry of consultants, along with their individual skills and specialties.  Clients select a consultant, along with a pre-defined engagement package that meets their specific needs, ranging from a 60-minute support session, process development, strategy setting, and more.  Custom packages are available as well.

While an on-site consulting arrangement can be made, the work done by the eConsultant® is usually done remotely, thus avoiding travel expenses.

“Scopism has assembled an impressive list of independent consultants for its eConsultancy service”, stated Tedder.  “To have my name appear among this list is an honor for me personally.  But more than that, the eConsultant model provides a way for potential clients to access some of the best service management minds in the world, using a predefined set of consulting packages.  The client gets what they need and benefits almost immediately from using a top-notch consultant. For the consultant, eConsultancy provides another channel by which to expand the reach and audience for the consultant’s services. It’s a win-win for both the client and the consultant.” 

To learn more about the eConsultancy service, visit the Scopism eConsultants page.

eConsultant is a registered trademark of Scopism

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