It’s hard enough to get time out of the office to get training. So, when you have the opportunity, you want an optimal training environment where you can ask questions and get answers in real-time, with an instructor who has real world experience, not just someone who reads slides.

You want to be able to interact with others so that you have an enhanced learning experience.

How can you ensure that you get training that delivers value and results in learning, not just memorization?

The answer is training from Tedder Consulting.

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"I really appreciated Doug's enthusiasm throughout the class.  His knowledge is evident, but his enthusiasm maintained a good level of energy during an aggressive pacing.  He provided multiple instruction vectors to convey complex concepts and provide a more 'three dimensional' understanding."  - Michael B., participated in ITIL Foundation training in May, 2017.

"[ITIL Foundation training from Tedder Consulting] was one of the most fun classes I’ve attended. And, I really feel like I learned so much; not just memorized a bunch of information." - Brooke B., participated in ITIL Foundation Training in August, 2016