What does it mean to be "digital"?

The digital age brings new opportunities and new challenges for every business.   What does it mean to be “digital”?

Always on, always connected – In the digital age, consumers are always online and expect to be able to connect and interact with your business from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Your “store” cannot be closed.

User experiences are hyper-critical – While value continues to be important, the user experience will trump value. A poor experience will cause the user to abandon the interaction. Continued poor experiences will result in users sharing their experiences socially, damaging the reputation and ultimately revenue for your business.

“Digital” is not the responsibility of a single department – Digital is not just something that the marketing or the IT department does, but something that includes all parts of the organization. In other words, the business must truly work as an enterprise, not as a collection of parts.  If one part struggles or fails, the entire enterprise suffers.

Not becoming “digital” may mean your business gets left behind – For many businesses, the digital age will result in expanding their business model from just a business-to-business model to include a business-to-consumer model. And consumers demand an effective and frictionless digital experience with your business.  If your business cannot deliver that experience, the consumer will simply take their business elsewhere.

Are you ready?

Introduction to VeriSM™ – This overview discusses the key concepts of the VeriSM approach and how to apply it in the age of digital services and products

Digital Enterprise Readiness Assessment – How ready is your organization to enter the digital era? This assessment help us know where you stand and enables the development of your strategy


  • Organizational Value Stream Mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Applying the VeriSM Management Mesh
  • Establishing Digital Governance and Principles

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