Why VeriSM?

The digital age requires a new way to manage the delivery of product and services.  VeriSM™ is a modern approach to service management for the digital age.

VeriSM is not a replacement for any management practice; rather VeriSM helps organizations make sense of and leverage management practices to provide value to its consumers.  Why should organizations consider adopting the VeriSM approach?

  • Technology is continually evolving – Technology, applied correctly, can provide great opportunities and benefits to organizations.  But technology decisions cannot be made in a vacuum; VeriSM helps organizations make informed decisions about technology, while allowing the organization to evolve as technology evolves.
  • Service Management cannot be a “one size fits all” approach – There is no single service management methodology that addresses all aspects of delivering products and services.  VeriSM enables organizations to take a flexible, yet consistent approach to leveraging and making sense of the myriad of management practices,  in a way that leverages the investments already made in service management.
  • In the digital age, Service Management must be an organizational capability – It takes all parts of an organization to deliver valuable products and services to its consumers.  Service Management can no longer be something that is only done in a single department within an organization.  Service Management must include and leverage the  entire organization to meet the needs of both the organization and its consumers in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Want to learn more about VeriSM?  Doug Tedder, the principal of Tedder Consulting, is a contributing author to VeriSM and a co-author of the VeriSM Pocket Guide.  Contact Tedder Consulting  to discuss how VeriSM can help you prepare your organization for the digital age! 


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