Workshops with Tedder Consulting are a great way to move your project forward by getting the right people together to share experience, build agreement, drive common understanding, create momentum, and deliver results.

Executive ITSM Overview

Geared for the senior leadership team, this executive overview discusses how the 4 P’s of Service Management (People, Process, Partners, and Products) work to transform your IT department from a technology focused group to a service provider, aligned with your business.

Service Catalog Workshop

An interactive workshop that results in the identification and basic definitions of IT Services, based on identified business functions, forming the basis of your Service Catalog.

30 Days to a Better Process

Is your organization frustrated with a process that is not performing as expected?  Does the process not meet business needs?  Are you able to identify performance trends or causal factors for poor performance?  In this hands-on workshop, you’ll gain insight into performance issues, identify improvements, develop an process improvement plan,  and build the business case for change – all in 30 days!

Organizational and Cultural Change Workshop

Half-day or full-day interactive workshop designed to identify and discuss attitudes, cultures, and behaviors that impede organizational change initiatives, such as  ITSM implementations, and develop awareness and strategies for addressing organizational change.

ITSM Visioning and Strategy Workshop

Two-day workshop that delivers a powerful, clear vision statement, identifies the drivers for ITSM implementation, defines goals and objectives, and establishes direction for your ITSM initiative.


Ready to get started?  Need more information?  Or maybe you’re not seeing what you’re looking for? Schedule a meeting now or contact Tedder Consulting for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss workshops tailored to meet your specific challenges.


Formal training courses with Tedder Consulting build needed knowledge and skills

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Expert guidance working side-by-side with your team to help you achieve your ITSM goals while ensuring sustainability

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Facilitated workshops engage your teams in tackling your real-world challenges and developing actionable solutions

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