Work with Doug

Are you frustrated because you feel like your organization doesn’t understand IT?

Does your organization perceive IT as being slow, inefficient, or nonresponsive?

Is IT not being viewed as providing unique value to the organization, all the way to the bottom line?

Did that investment in a service management tool not return the results you had expected?

Perhaps your IT team is disjointed and unorganized, which is resulting in chaos or non-value added work.

Doug will help you achieve those impactful results that translate into real business value. With Tedder Consulting, you get that engaged, pragmatic, and experienced consultant that you need without all of the overhead of the big consultancies that you don’t want.  Check out some of the ways Doug can help:

Service Management Practice Assessment

  • Are your service management practices not delivering on expectations?  An assessment gives your a clear understanding of where your service management practices are, what needs fixing, and the best course of action to take your service management to the next level.

Strategy and Planning

  • Impactful transformations begin with clear visioning, strategy, and planning. My strategy and planning workshops get you started on the right course.

Continual Improvement

  • Is your organization in danger of becoming complacent?  Are you settling for being “good enough”?  Companies that are not continually improving aren’t just sitting still – they’re getting left behind. Enable your organization to become great at getting better.

Service Identification and Definition

  • Having trouble connecting IT deliverables to business results? Identify, define, and describe how your services deliver and support real  business value and outcomes.  Not only will you illustrate how the IT organization contributes to the success of the organization, you’ll also align your IT organization to  ensure that your services meet the needs of your business.

Process Design and Improvement

  • Are your processes consistently delivering the right results?  Does it seem like your team spends a lot of time and effort only to produce minimal results?  Are your service management tools not quite delivering what you expected? Can you measure your work efforts?  Good process design  enables consistency, repeatability, and measurability in how work gets done within your organization. Good process designs provide the critical foundation for enabling automation and other advanced digital solutions.

Next Generation Service Management

  • Feeling trapped because you’re trying to follow a “one size fits all” approach to service management?  Do you need help in navigating the myriad of methodologies to define and implement the operating model that works for your organization?  Leverage the right service management methodologies to enable and support the unique needs of your organization and deliver the outcomes your business demands.

Private Training

Looking for a training experience for your team?  Doug delivers the folloiwing courses, either on-site or virtually.

  • ITIL®4 Foundation¹  provides an introduction to the ITIL 4 framework, helping participants understand IT service management through an end-to-end operating model.
  • Coming soon – Humanising IT™ from HIT GlobalHumanising IT™ is a body of knowledge that integrates principles of human-centered design into IT service management, resulting in user-centric services. Humanising IT™ is designed to work alongside any IT service management framework, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for IT service management.

For more information regarding these and other consulting and training offerings, schedule a complimentary 30-minute session to discuss how Doug can help you achieve the results you and your team need!

¹ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS/PeopleCert.