Work with Doug

Doug will help you achieve those impactful results that translate into real business value. With Tedder Consulting, you get that engaged, pragmatic, and experienced consultant that you need without all of the overhead of the big consultancies that you don’t want.

Strategy and Planning

  • Impactful transformations begin with clear visioning, strategy, and planning. My strategy and planning workshops get you started on the right course.

Continuous Improvement

  • Companies that are not continually improving aren’t just sitting still – they’re being left behind. Enable your organization to become good at getting better.

Service Identification and Definition

  • Identify, define, and describe how your services deliver and support true business value and outcomes.

Process Design and Improvement

  • Process design not only enables consistency, repeatability, and measurability in how work gets done within your organization. Good process designs provide the critical foundation for enabling automation and other advanced digital solutions.

Service Management

  • IT Service Management – Design and implement holistic approaches for managing the complete lifecycle of IT products and services, following an agile approach.
  • Enterprise Service Management – Expand good ITSM concepts and constructs across the enterprise, underpinning the value streams of the organization.
  • Digital Service Management – Exploit the use of technology to further enhance service management, delivering differentiated customer, user, and employee experiences.

VeriSM Adoption

  • Navigate the Management Mesh, establish your service management principles, define your organizational portfolio, and blend management practices across your organization to smooth the delivery of digital products and services to meet your unique business requirements.

Doug also delivers a variety of training courses that help you and your team gain critical knowledge and competency needed for success.