Let’s Stop Playing “Service Provider” and “Customer”

The concept – at a high level -  wasn’t all bad. The concept was that IT organizations should adopt a service-oriented mindset when it comes to working within the business.  The attitude of the IT organization must shift from

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Fund Services, not Projects

Businesses are demanding more speed, agility, and responsiveness from their IT organizations. The work that IT does must provide the means for business to quickly realize value. What does this mean for IT? Roy Atkinson sums it up nicely when

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5 ways DevOps thinking can cure “Bad ITSM”

The ITSM highway is littered with implementation efforts that failed to achieve their potential. ITSM, done well, has proven to be great for business. Unfortunately, for many businesses, implementation efforts resulted in “bad ITSM”. Many of these ITSM implementations were

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The Importance of Good ITSM in the Digital Economy

The digital economy is upon us. Regardless of industry, businesses are experiencing the impact of the digital economy.  In the digital economy, the “store” is always open and customers expect that systems are “always on”.  Customers can (and

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Is ITIL® doomed to being an “Operations Only” Framework?

Many organizations have attempted to establish IT Service Management (ITSM) following guidance found in ITIL[1] , but focused only on the operational aspects of the IT organization. Then those organizations become frustrated that ITSM isn’t working as well as they

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The Seven Silent Killers of the IT Organization

Early my career, a CFO asked me a very good question. “If IT can’t deliver a return on investment that is better than what I could get by putting corporate monies into a bank savings account, then why would I

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Five Lessons for Successful Transformation

I received an email from a well-known web hosting provider titled “Transform your business with a second phone number”. The email stated that with a second phone number, I can separate my business calls from my personal calls – and

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Ops, just get out of the way

I recently read an article that described an “evolved” DevOps environment.  If I understood it correctly, in an evolved DevOps environment, the role of Ops is to put core services in place, and then get out of the way.

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After the Party is Over – 7 Things to Sustain your ITSM Implementation

The party was a raging success. The CIO talked about the significance of the implementation and the great teamwork that went into this transformational milestone within the IT organization. The CEO thanked the team for their efforts, then stepped over to

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The CAB is Dead. Long Live the CAB.

Can today’s IT organizations balance agility with stability?  Is IT capable of responding to ever-changing business needs in a timely, dependable, and appropriate manner?  Can IT have an intelligent discussion with its business colleagues about developing and delivering

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