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  • Why IT Organizations Stay Broken

    Share They say that “change is hard”. Organizational change is probably the most difficult kind of change. And for some reason, IT struggles with its own organizational change. Sure, IT knows that organizational change may be needed for business colleagues so that they can fully take advantage of a new IT product or service. But […]

  • Working From Home Is Only The Beginning: What is the Future of Service Management?

    Share I have said before that we are entering into a service management renaissance. Now that we are 9 months into the whirlwind of 2020, I’m even more convinced. IT has been in the spotlight this year and for good reason. When the pandemic caused organizations to send employees home to work this past spring, […]

  • Did You Pivot Or Are You Just Spinning in Circles?

    Did You Pivot Or Are You Just Spinning in Circles?

    Share COVID-19 caught the business world by surprise. And it didn’t just change where organizations work (from an office to at home) — it has changed everything: economies, regulations, timelines, employee and customer expectations, the list goes on. So what did the majority of organizations do in response to this swift and sudden change? They […]

  • Did You Leave Some Value Along the Road?

    Did You Leave Some Value Along the Road?

    Share Let’s start off with a scenario. Let’s say you are preparing for a cross-country road trip. Before you head out, you are responsible and change the oil in your car. You prepare your playlist, grab your road trip snacks, and hit the road. You drive for a day or two and you make it […]

  • When In Doubt, Follow the Value Stream

    Share Every day, IT leaders address questions to help keep their team moving forward, which in turn keeps the organization moving forward. Questions like: Where should the IT team spend their time? How should IT allocate resources? How can IT justify larger budgets and more investments? In the past, IT leaders have taken a straightforward […]

  • Your Continuity Plan Still Isn’t Good Enough

    Share Continuity plans have been in the spotlight for businesses across the globe over the last few months. If your continuity plan wasn’t done or hadn’t been reviewed in months, then you probably felt that pain over the last few weeks. Even those with up-to-date continuity plans are refreshing theirs with their lessons learned from […]

  • No, Value Stream Management is Not the “New ITSM”

    Share Every few years it seems like there’s some new trend that seems eerily similar to ITSM. There are so many buzzwords and trendy practices in IT. It’s hard to determine what practices are worth evaluating and implementing. This year, the newest contender in the digital space is Value Stream Management. Is Value Stream Management […]

  • IT Reset: How to Re-Prioritize IT Initiatives During COVID-19

    Share CIOs have had their work cut out for them over the last few months. The sudden shift to remote work has put pressure on IT to create solutions for remote workers using technology that perhaps was older or less capable, support overworked and stressed out IT technicians, and, in general, keep the business moving […]

  • Outcomes vs Outputs: The Real Proof of IT’s Value

    Share The typical workday looks much different today than it did just a few months ago. Instead of driving to work and walking into the building, employees are going online and signing in to their messaging or collaboration tools. Instead of physically taking a document to a client for a signature, they’re being sent digitally […]

  • ITSM is More Than Just Numbers on a Spreadsheet

    Share This article was inspired by Mel Kerner, whose insightful comments on a recent LinkedIn post of mine started my wheels turning about the heart of service delivery. Measuring and demonstrating the business value of IT is one of the biggest struggles for CIOs and IT leaders. There are thousands of articles, webinars, and commentary […]