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  • Are You Due for an IT Health Check?

    Are You Due for an IT Health Check?

    Share If I asked IT leaders what it was like the week the world went remote in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I would guess 90% of them would have visceral reactions to the memory of that time. Many organizations were caught without any kind of technology contingency plan – and they felt the […]

  • The CIO Role, Reasserted

    Share After an unprecedented year of change, many organizations are adjusting to a new status quo with technology – and technology experts – leading the way.  And changing right along with the rest of the organization is the CIO role. With more reliance on technology, remote and hybrid working environments, and more technology-focused roles in […]

  • The Consequences of Undefined Services

    The Consequences of Undefined Services

    Share Delivering IT services is at the core of any modern IT organization. IT provides services to deliver or enable business outcomes and value. It seems straightforward.  So then, why do so many IT organizations struggle with undefined services? As it turns out, what an IT service is actually is often misunderstood by IT professionals […]

  • Is the CIO the Continual Improvement Officer?

    Share The CIO is often wearing many hats. They have to be tech whizzes and also strategic visionaries. And in my opinion, they now have to be the Continual Improvement Officer for their teams, their organizations, and in their careers. Continual improvement is about improving the quality of products and services by learning from past […]

  • Are You Inviting Trouble? 7 Signs You’re Attracting Chaos to IT

    Are You Inviting Trouble? 7 Signs You’re Attracting Chaos to IT

    Share CIOs are no strangers to chaos. Working in IT means you’ve dealt with your fair share of chaotic moments. Technology has an annoying habit of not working properly – even when everything seems to be set up correctly. IT pros have had to learn to keep their cool when the tech just isn’t working […]

  • CEOs, are you making your CIO sick?

    CEOs, are you making your CIO sick?

    Share Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar: The CEO of a mid-sized organization calls in the CIO because times are desperate. The company needs to deploy new technology to increase revenue — quickly. The organization has already invested in a variety of tools and technology… but it’s not getting the job done. Now the […]

  • ESM is the Business Strategy Every CIO Needs

    Share As organizations continue to work through a pandemic, adapt to an ever-increasing digital world, and adjust to new customer and employee expectations, CIOs must continue to step up to the plate to help navigate these changes from a business perspective. Perhaps with some organizations, CIOs have not been part of business decisions in the […]

  • The CIO’s Guide to Enabling a Hybrid Workforce

    Share Looking back on 2020, one thing is certain: COVID-19 has permanently changed the way we work. Earlier this year, CIOs and IT departments were responsible for keeping organizations online and running as the world went into lockdown. The CIO role and the IT department finally began to receive the recognition they have long deserved […]

  • Can the CIO Save The Day?

    Share This year has been a banner year for IT. It’s only because of IT that so many organizations could continue operating in the face of the pandemic. IT has done its job on winning over the rest of the organization and most of the organizations now know they can count on IT. According to […]

  • Are You Winning the IT Participation Trophy?

    Share IT has gotten a bad rap in the past and I think it’s partially deserved. There are still far too many IT leaders just willing to phone it in. That’s an old way of leading IT and it’s about winning the participation trophy. You do know what the “participation trophy” is, right? The participation […]