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  • What’s The ROI of Service Management?

    What’s The ROI of Service Management?

    Share IT service management has typically been seen as yet another cost inside of what is perceived to be a cost center known as “IT”. Why? Because many IT organizations still view service management as operating overhead…and nothing else. The potential business value of good ITSM is ignored. Many IT organizations could start becoming a […]

  • The Curious Case of the Missing IT Strategy

    The Curious Case of the Missing IT Strategy

    Share IT organizations often get stuck in a vicious cycle of never-ending work. IT implements solution after solution, fixes one problem after another, and no matter how many times they do it, those solutions and fixes never seem to stick. IT often finds itself just trying to keep up with what appears to be a […]

  • Are You Due for an IT Health Check?

    Are You Due for an IT Health Check?

    Share If I asked IT leaders what it was like the week the world went remote in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I would guess 90% of them would have visceral reactions to the memory of that time. Many organizations were caught without any kind of technology contingency plan – and they felt the […]

  • Don’t Go Chasing Electrons

    Share One of my biggest gripes about service management is that the work of service management has become synonymous with service management tools. This has really become an Achilles heel for service management. While service management tools are useful, they typically don’t take a value and outcome-based approach to identifying and defining services. Because of […]

  • How to Master the Art of IT Partnerships

    How to Master the Art of IT Partnerships

    Share As businesses continue to become more reliant on technology, more and more organizations have formed partnership ecosystems. Bringing in and working with multiple partners is a smart way to deliver better experiences with optimized costs and capabilities.  While there are many pros to working with partners — there are some drawbacks as well. Operations […]

  • Don’t Believe These 6 Service Management Myths

    Don’t Believe These 6 Service Management Myths

    Share I have said before that service management has gotten a bad reputation. But that bad reputation is somewhat deserved because the service management of the past failed a lot of companies. I’ve heard from many IT professionals that they have tried service management and it just didn’t work or worse, they have current service […]

  • How To Avoid the Ghosts of ITSM Past

    Share What happened to IT service management? It feels like not that long ago IT was the master of its domain. But things have changed. Shadow IT is rampant in most organizations, there are higher expectations from consumers and less patience from end-users. IT organizations can’t afford to be unresponsive and uncooperative. IT can’t keep […]

  • Why IT Organizations Stay Broken

    Share They say that “change is hard”. Organizational change is probably the most difficult kind of change. And for some reason, IT struggles with its own organizational change. Sure, IT knows that organizational change may be needed for business colleagues so that they can fully take advantage of a new IT product or service. But […]

  • Working From Home Is Only The Beginning: What is the Future of Service Management?

    Share I have said before that we are entering into a service management renaissance. Now that we are 9 months into the whirlwind of 2020, I’m even more convinced. IT has been in the spotlight this year and for good reason. When the pandemic caused organizations to send employees home to work this past spring, […]

  • Did You Pivot Or Are You Just Spinning in Circles?

    Did You Pivot Or Are You Just Spinning in Circles?

    Share COVID-19 caught the business world by surprise. And it didn’t just change where organizations work (from an office to at home) — it has changed everything: economies, regulations, timelines, employee and customer expectations, the list goes on. So what did the majority of organizations do in response to this swift and sudden change? They […]