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  • You’re Talking About Value Wrong

    Share “Value” is one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in business today. It is often thrown around in meetings and on company websites but while many organizations talk about value, very few get it right. Why is that? What is the problem with value? For starters, value is a perception. What is valuable […]

  • Want ESM? Start with VSM

    Want ESM? Start with VSM

    Share Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has been gaining traction over the last few years — and for good reason.  With technology driving businesses forward these days, organizations must be able to holistically drive value to the bottom line of the business. And ESM can help them do just that. The question is where to start with […]

  • Business-IT Alignment isn’t a 50-50 Deal

    Share More and more companies are transforming via digital transformation and discovering new lines of business or radically changing their existing business models through the use of technology.  What does this mean?  It means that IT and the business have no choice but to become aligned if they want to succeed. It’s no longer just […]

  • When Your Remote Work Solution is No Longer a Solution

    Share CIOs led the overnight transformation from in-office to remote work environments for many organizations in 2020. All over the world, CIOs enabled their organizations to continue work and stay in business amid a global pandemic. The accomplishment was astounding and for many CIOs, it earned them a rightful place as a strategic leader in […]

  • How to Fix Your Broken Workflows — For Good

    How to Fix Your Broken Workflows — For Good

    Share Every business leader wants the same three things: to reduce risk, increase revenue, and decrease expenses. Often, there is a general assumption that technology is the only way to accomplish these goals using IT. I’ve seen it time and time again. An organization will invest in a technology, thinking it is the silver bullet […]

  • The Opportunity of Failed IT Plans

    The Opportunity of Failed IT Plans

    Share What went wrong in 2020? I know, it’s a big question and most people would probably say “Everything.” Or at least, many CIOs would confess that the original strategic plans they had for 2020 were not executed. There were many initiatives that just failed to get off the ground in 2020 due to COVID-19. […]

  • Can good ESM lead to better EX?

    Share What is employee experience (EX)? A recent Forbes magazine article described EX as “the sum of all interactions that an employee has with her employer during the duration of her employment relationship. It includes any way the employee “touches” or interacts with the company and vice versa in the course of doing her job. […]

  • Did You Pivot Or Are You Just Spinning in Circles?

    Did You Pivot Or Are You Just Spinning in Circles?

    Share COVID-19 caught the business world by surprise. And it didn’t just change where organizations work (from an office to at home) — it has changed everything: economies, regulations, timelines, employee and customer expectations, the list goes on. So what did the majority of organizations do in response to this swift and sudden change? They […]

  • Did You Leave Some Value Along the Road?

    Did You Leave Some Value Along the Road?

    Share Let’s start off with a scenario. Let’s say you are preparing for a cross-country road trip. Before you head out, you are responsible and change the oil in your car. You prepare your playlist, grab your road trip snacks, and hit the road. You drive for a day or two and you make it […]

  • When In Doubt, Follow the Value Stream

    Share Every day, IT leaders address questions to help keep their team moving forward, which in turn keeps the organization moving forward. Questions like: Where should the IT team spend their time? How should IT allocate resources? How can IT justify larger budgets and more investments? In the past, IT leaders have taken a straightforward […]