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  • You Can’t Automate What You Don’t Understand

    You Can’t Automate What You Don’t Understand

    Share The case for automating workflows is a strong one. There are plenty of reasons why organizations are looking for the right automation tools, including but not limited to: Frees staff from performing tedious, high-volume, low-value tasks Creates cheaper and faster process execution Improves customer experience Makes it easier to scale I’m not here to […]

  • The New Role of the Service Desk Agent

    Share What is the future service desk agent? Instead of fearing the future, it’s time to redefine the role. AI is disrupting almost every part of IT and the service desk is no exception. In fact, service desk agents may be more impacted by AI than any other part of IT. This has some service […]

  • AI: The Key To a Human Employee Experience

    Share Employees expect a personalized experience in their use of technology at work. This is due to the proliferation of technology in our personal lives. Think about how employees interact with technology at home. When they wake up, they ask Alexa about the weather. They use their smartwatch to track their activity and heart rate […]