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  • What Ever Happened to Critical Thinking?

    Share As businesses grow, so do the size and complexity of their problems and challenges. To solve those complex challenges and problems, leaders need to employ more critical thinking from themselves and their teams. However, the world seems to be lacking critical thinking at a time when businesses need it most. And the lack of […]

  • The CIO Role, Reasserted

    Share After an unprecedented year of change, many organizations are adjusting to a new status quo with technology – and technology experts – leading the way.  And changing right along with the rest of the organization is the CIO role. With more reliance on technology, remote and hybrid working environments, and more technology-focused roles in […]

  • A New CIO’s Guide to Mapping Experiences

    Share Delivering and enabling business value is a large part of IT’s job.  As such, the CIO must track how value flows, not only within IT, but across the organization.  It may sound easier than it actually is. Because value is tricky. For one thing, it’s not always well-defined. And it often gets lost in […]

  • Is the CIO the Continual Improvement Officer?

    Share The CIO is often wearing many hats. They have to be tech whizzes and also strategic visionaries. And in my opinion, they now have to be the Continual Improvement Officer for their teams, their organizations, and in their careers. Continual improvement is about improving the quality of products and services by learning from past […]

  • How to Master the Art of IT Partnerships

    How to Master the Art of IT Partnerships

    Share As businesses continue to become more reliant on technology, more and more organizations have formed partnership ecosystems. Bringing in and working with multiple partners is a smart way to deliver better experiences with optimized costs and capabilities.  While there are many pros to working with partners — there are some drawbacks as well. Operations […]

  • CEOs, are you making your CIO sick?

    CEOs, are you making your CIO sick?

    Share Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar: The CEO of a mid-sized organization calls in the CIO because times are desperate. The company needs to deploy new technology to increase revenue — quickly. The organization has already invested in a variety of tools and technology… but it’s not getting the job done. Now the […]

  • Where Is IT On Your Customer Journey Map?

    Share In today’s digital world, it’s imperative that organizations create and deliver world-class customer experiences. The Amazons and Zappos of the world have changed how customers want and expect to interact with organizations, especially online. Customers expect continual updates, easy to use self-service options, and streamlined processes, from start to finish. This means organizations must […]