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  • You’re Talking About Value Wrong

    Share “Value” is one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in business today. It is often thrown around in meetings and on company websites but while many organizations talk about value, very few get it right. Why is that? What is the problem with value? For starters, value is a perception. What is valuable […]

  • A New CIO’s Guide to Mapping Experiences

    Share Delivering and enabling business value is a large part of IT’s job.  As such, the CIO must track how value flows, not only within IT, but across the organization.  It may sound easier than it actually is. Because value is tricky. For one thing, it’s not always well-defined. And it often gets lost in […]

  • IT Reset: How to Re-Prioritize IT Initiatives During COVID-19

    Share CIOs have had their work cut out for them over the last few months. The sudden shift to remote work has put pressure on IT to create solutions for remote workers using technology that perhaps was older or less capable, support overworked and stressed out IT technicians, and, in general, keep the business moving […]