The 2-Step Method to a IT Service Portfolio

There are two types of IT organizations. One type of IT organization takes orders, manages service tickets, and provides technology and technology support. The other type of IT organization is a strategic partner within the organization that makes impactful contributions

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Six PDG (Pretty Darn Good) Reasons for IT to (truly) define Services

How would you answer the following question? “How does your IT organization deliver real business value?” In the October 6, 2016 article, “Business value is key to IT success”[1], Mike Sisco describes business value as including five

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What message is your Service Catalog sending to your business?

ISO/IEC 20000:1, the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) standard, defines a service as a “means of delivering value for the customer by facilitating results the customer wants to achieve.” ISO 20000 continues by stating that a service “is generally

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TypoArt BS
Really, we need Bi-lingual IT

There’s been some hype recently over what is called ‘bi-modal IT’, an approach to delivering IT services that essentially divides an IT into two “modes”: “Mode 1” or ‘traditional’ IT, is sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy “Mode 2” is exploratory

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Are you buying the bike or the result?

What are some common uses for an exercise bike? Use the handlebars to hang clothes upon Use to collect dust Use as an uncomfortable seat while watching TV or reading a book Use to maintain or improve muscle tone and

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