Ops, just get out of the way

I recently read an article that described an “evolved” DevOps environment.  If I understood it correctly, in an evolved DevOps environment, the role of Ops is to put core services in place, and then get out of the way.

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The CAB is Dead. Long Live the CAB.

Can today’s IT organizations balance agility with stability?  Is IT capable of responding to ever-changing business needs in a timely, dependable, and appropriate manner?  Can IT have an intelligent discussion with its business colleagues about developing and delivering

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DevOps – No Strategy Required?

Having lived in Indianapolis for several years, I’ve gained an appreciation of auto racing.  We have a race that is run annually in May – you may have heard of it. An IndyCar®[1] is an impressive engineering marvel. And I

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5 Ways to introduce DevOps to your ITSM World

Is your IT organization feeling some “heat” from your business partners? Is your IT organization keeping up with business demand? Are you able to respond to business changes in a timely fashion? Do you spend more time “fixing” and less

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Don’t be “that guy”

One of the biggest challenges for any ITSM implementation is resistance. I’ve discussed resistance in a previous blog. But when it comes to including DevOps within your ITSM implementation, are you resisting? Are you being “that guy (or gal)”? I

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We talk. No one understands. Why?

It’s still there. After all of the investment in training. After all of the implementations of tools and processes and methodologies. After all of the progress and achievements. There’s still that one thing that we’ve yet to overcome. One of

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