After the Party is Over – 7 Things to Sustain your ITSM Implementation

The party was a raging success. The CIO talked about the significance of the implementation and the great teamwork that went into this transformational milestone within the IT organization. The CEO thanked the team for their efforts, then stepped over to

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The CAB is Dead. Long Live the CAB.

Can today’s IT organizations balance agility with stability?  Is IT capable of responding to ever-changing business needs in a timely, dependable, and appropriate manner?  Can IT have an intelligent discussion with its business colleagues about developing and delivering

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The End of the Service Desk?

It was the two words that caught my attention. It was the two words that I heard repeatedly over the course of the two days. “Call deflection.” I attended the 2017 HDI conference, which gave me an opportunity to

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DevOps – No Strategy Required?

Having lived in Indianapolis for several years, I’ve gained an appreciation of auto racing.  We have a race that is run annually in May – you may have heard of it. An IndyCar®[1] is an impressive engineering marvel. And I

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5 Ways to introduce DevOps to your ITSM World

Is your IT organization feeling some “heat” from your business partners? Is your IT organization keeping up with business demand? Are you able to respond to business changes in a timely fashion? Do you spend more time “fixing” and less

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The Five Decisions your business makes every day about your IT Organization

Your business is making decisions about IT. Everyday. From board meetings to daily interactions. What are those decisions? Invest – A great outcome for IT. The business is willing to spend more or invest new monies into IT. Perhaps the

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Six PDG (Pretty Darn Good) Reasons for IT to (truly) define Services

How would you answer the following question? “How does your IT organization deliver real business value?” In the October 6, 2016 article, “Business value is key to IT success”[1], Mike Sisco describes business value as including five

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What message is your Service Catalog sending to your business?

ISO/IEC 20000:1, the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) standard, defines a service as a “means of delivering value for the customer by facilitating results the customer wants to achieve.” ISO 20000 continues by stating that a service “is generally

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Really, we need Bi-lingual IT

There’s been some hype recently over what is called ‘bi-modal IT’, an approach to delivering IT services that essentially divides an IT into two “modes”: “Mode 1” or ‘traditional’ IT, is sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy “Mode 2” is exploratory

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Are your processes in the way of ITSM?

What is IT Service Management (ITSM)? Some will say that ITSM is ITIL®[1]. Not true – while ITIL is the basis for many ITSM implementations, ITSM doesn’t have to be just ITIL. Some will say that ITSM is something that

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