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The mixed message to IT (and how to escape the mixing bowl)

Do you feel you and your IT organization are living in a mixing bowl? IT is under incredible pressure to become nimbler and more responsive to business needs. Shadow IT, “as-a-Service” solutions, and requests for new applications are continually appearing

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ITSM is not just IT Operations

I recently viewed a webinar from a tool vendor regarding Agile, DevOps, and Lean IT transformation. The vendor was hawking their product that helped IT organizations get code from development through build and deployment, describing this as the software lifecycle.

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We talk. No one understands. Why?

It’s still there. After all of the investment in training. After all of the implementations of tools and processes and methodologies. After all of the progress and achievements. There’s still that one thing that we’ve yet to overcome. One of

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A Cure for “Bad ITSM”

Is your business suffering from “bad ITSM”? What does “bad ITSM” look like? Some examples: Every request for change (RfC) goes before a change advisory board, because there’s no criteria or models defined that would facilitate reviewing a RfC any

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The ITSM Paradox

Paradox [par-uh-doks] noun A statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.[1] Example: The paradox of many IT Service Management (ITSM) implementations is they actually do not manage IT services. Many organizations

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Service Level Management

I had a conversation about SLAs again this week. Suffice it to say that I came away with the feeling that there is so much misunderstanding about the purpose and rationale of a SLA. What is an SLA? An SLA,

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Five Things I like about ITIL Practitioner (and one thing I didn’t)

After a few years in the ITSM profession, I recently earned my ITIL®[1] Practitioner certification. If you’ve not heard of ITIL Practitioner, it’s the new addition to the ITIL certification scheme from AXELOS, the joint venture of the British Government

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Can IT lead SM?

In my blog article, “Is it time to drop the ‘IT’ from ‘ITSM’?”, I discussed the challenges of expanding IT Service Management concepts and principles to other service providers within an organization.   Personally, I think that extending ITSM

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Is it time to drop the ‘IT’ from “ITSM”?

The telephone rings at Fred's desk in the support center. Sue is calling to make a service request. After capturing the specifics of Sue’s request within the ticketing system, Fred ensures that she is authorized to make the request. Following the

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Is it because you’ve really not implemented ITIL?

“Slow.” “Bureaucratic.” “Out-of-date.” Just a few of the words I’ve recently heard or read used to describe ITIL®.[1] Could it be because no one has really implemented ITIL? So before the world reminds me that we

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